Scope 1: Merchant Services

We align businesses to accept most forms of payments. From stationary places of business, multiple locations, 

websites, or on the go businesses. We provide quality, cost effective options for most types of business including those that are considered to be high risk.

And, we simply won't be beat!

We provide freeno cost, no obligation analysis for most types of businesses.

Established businesses: Simply provide 2 months current processing statements and we guarantee to beat your current situation or we will write you a check for $500.00. Yes, we are that confident.

New business: Allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

High risk business: We offer great service, please contact us for more information.

What's makes us different you ask? Well, in most cases we offer, month to month service with the lowest percentage rates and the lowest monthly fees available with no exit fees as well as no hidden fees. 

We also offer multiple EMV compliant systems with US based customer support.

We also reprogram most compliant terminal or POS systems.

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A few of the services we provide:

Will Caffrey Consulting

Scope 2: Affordable Legal Coverage & Identity Theft Protection Options

We help individuals, families & businesses have 24/7 direct access to almost any type of Attorney for a low monthly fee. From the trivial to the traumatic, you will have peace of mind knowing you are always protected.

For businesses, we also offer group benefits for your employees. Less time off from work and less stress, means more productivity.

Identity theft is the #1 fastest growing crime in America. Most of which is done by family members or close friends.

We don't stop our services at bank fraud since that is only 1 of 8 areas of identity theft. We cover all 8 areas of identity theft and restore your identity to it's prior condition beforehand. 

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